A59  ('A' Series / Kerryl)    Globe-shaped vase with spiralling ridges and square foot.
       SLIP CAST
Does this shape appear in other series?  No.
A pottery replica of a design by the English glassware firm Bagley - see below.

The shape book has no sketch, just the word 'Tulip'.
Quite a few examples are recorded and every one of them is from South Australia. Perhaps this shape
was an exclusive order for an Adelaide retailer?

Height; 8.5 - 10 cm.

Chris Dean
Marked A59/6
'A' Series / Kerryl shape numbers are usually incised like Remued, but in some slip-cast pieces they are moulded in raised relief as here.
Not every A59 piece shares this feature however.

Old Wares, Burra, S.A.
Original made by Bagley Glass of Knottingley,Yorkshire, UK.
Design no.3061, part of their 'Equinox' range.
Sticker reads Knottingley  CRYSTALTYNT WARE  British Made
Height 10.5 cm.

Collection; Brenton Roneberg
Two slightly different sizes, heights  8.5 & 9.5 cm
Other pottery replicas of the Bagley original.
Left; sticker reads Margot Laure.
Right; maker unknown, probably English.