A77  ('A' Series / Kerryl)    Tall long-necked ewer with flaring spout.
       SLIP CAST
Does this shape appear in other series?  No.
The shape book has no sketch or details, just the words "Jug  Cast"
Derived from a design by Sylvac.

Height; 18 - 19 cm.

Maria & Stan Koba
Collection; Chris Dean
Kerryl's A77 was derived - perhaps indirectly - from a design by the UK firm Sylvac.
Sylvac made various versions with differing sizes and decorative surface textures. The version pictured here was copied in Australia by Raynham, Crown Newton and others.
Kerryl's version is slightly different. They either used a different original model or made their own modifications.
Base stamped Sylvac,
impressed 1344  Made in England.
Height; 23.5 cm.

Yasmin Farquhar
Un-numbered, Kerryl sticker.