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A96  ('A' Series / Kerryl)    Small rounded 'flower' vase.
             SLIP CAST

Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - a shape-book annotation indicates it appeared in another Kerryl numbering series, B Series B20.

Height; 6 - 6.5 cm.

Other potteries produced vases in this general style. Despite an apparent similarity Kerryl's A96 vase was not a replica of Pates or Raynham shapes.   A96 petals slightly overlap so that the vertical indentations are asymmetric in cross-section. In others, petals meet in symmetrical indentations.
Collection; Michelle Mravinac
Bases incised A96  (no suffix)
Shape book 'A' (back)

Collection; Maria & Stan Koba
Numbered A96/1 (left) and A96/4 (right). Numbers applied by rubber stamp.
The suffix numbers following the slash denote the glaze style.