Another Kerryl 'A' Series?

Some Kerryl pieces are recorded with 'A' numbers that are not part of the original 'A' Series. Their style places them in the 1970s, much later than the original 'A' Series. All display the Kerryl name (something rarely seen in the original 'A' Series) and several feature a contrast of coloured glaze and bare terracotta. They look nothing like the 'A' Series shape-book sketches and no documentation of any sort is known for them.

Do you have an example that could belong to this little-known series? - we'd love to hear from you. Contact us.

A5, A6 & A7   Kitchen canisters
Heights 10, 11 & 14 cm.
Bases incised Kerryl A5, A6 & A7
Robert Bridgman
A7 example, base revealing terracotta clay.

A9   Coffee set; coffee pot & demitasse mugs
Height;  8.2 cm.
Base incised Kerryl A9

A20   Ramekin
Height; 5.4 cm
Bases incised Kerryl A20


A26   Cream jug
Height (jug); 11 cm.
Base incised Kerryl A26
With matching sugarbowl, base unmarked.
Both in white clay not terracotta.

Collection;  Mick Lothian

Coffee pot
Base incised Kerryl  1   A9
The '1' is probably the
capacity in pints; approx 1 litre.
Lara Roche