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19 June 2018   Early Series 26   Plump pot, small flared lip
17 June 2018     Early Series 454/11 Very large dish, first recorded with size suffix
26 May 2018     Early Series / PPP 132  Tall vase, non-lamp-base version; PPP
24 January 2018     Early Series / PPP 147  Rounded conical vase
24 December 2017   'A' Series / Kerryl A110  Wall vase, slipcast.
7 November 2017   Early Series 61  Posy ring
27 September 2017   Early Series 18 s  New size
27 September 2017   Early Series 340  Vine-leaf dish with grapes
14 August 2017    Early Series 327  Possible decorated example although un-numbered.
1 July 2017       Later Series 506  New chamberstick
1 June 2017        Early Series 85  Un-numbered but a possible candidate.
1 June 2017        'Alphabet' Series F8  Another member of this rare group.
1 February 2017   Early Series 54/10  The first inch-suffix example of this large jug; marked PPP.

January 2017
Many additional pics plus the following new shapes or new variants of known shapes.
Our thanks to all contributors who provided pictures.
Early Series 18 Med    Barrel vase
Early Series 34 L   Large jardiniere
Early Series 42 L  Lamp-base version of the ' ginger-jar' vase.
Early Series 229 M  Small barrel vase
Early Series 241-10 M   Gumleaf-decorated version
Early Series 279 M   Tall wide jug with high spout
Early Series 323  Unusual case where a twig-handle version had its own separate number.
Early Series 422   A new variant of this rare shape.
and finally ..... beware of fake Remued gumleaves!

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