107  (Early Series; PPP)   Tall slender barrel-shaped vases.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No, not in other series, but a similar shape does reappear towards the end of the Early Series numbered Early Series 460.  An example is also recorded incised Pamela 1934.

There was formerly some confusion about the number, brought about by one of the first-recorded pieces being mistakenly numbered 106/7 instead of 107/6.  More examples have now come to light however, confirming the shape number as 107.

Two sizes are recorded.

Painted number 107-8-B.  An unusual form of number, painted not incised.
The meaning of the 'B' suffix is unknown.

Un-numbered, stamped PPP.
Other un-numbered examples are either completely unmarked; or stamped "PREMIER POTTERIES, OAKOVER ROAD, PRESTON"; or stamped PPP as here.

    Height; 21- 22 cm    

   S & M Antiques -  Private
Base incised 106/7 (by mistake - should be 107/6)
No stamp.

Terry Cheetham
Base incised 107/6
and stamped PPP
Camberwell Antique Centre,
Camberwell  Vic.
Two-handled version
Height; 22 cm.
Un-numbered, base unmarked
Same number,
different shape;
Later Series 107
Graham Lancaster Auctions
Base incised 107/8 and stamped PPP
    Height; 15 - 16 cm.
  Collection; Jan Trott
Base incised 107/6.
No stamp.