132  (Early Series)    Vase - and lamp base - with shoulder.
Does this shape appear in other series?  No - (none recorded in image database).
There are early un-numbered examples however, including PPP examples.

Two sizes are recorded, with inch suffixes 3 and 8.

Un-numbered examples
Base stamped PPP
Colonial Attic Antiques, Spotswood Vic
Base incised Remued

132/8  Lamp base version
       Height; 20 cm

Both bases incised Remued 132/8. The shape is like a vase or jug but the small hole near the base is for an electric cord. (In  the close-up image the hole is plugged.) With such a wide mouth opening an additional fitting would have been required to enable it to serve as a lamp, probably a wire frame as seen on Early Series 53s
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Base unmarked.
Height; 22 cm

Simply Sold
Base unmarked.
Height; 20 cm.
Collection;  Tim Anderson
Base stamped PPP
Height; 16 cm.
A much later Early Series shape, Early Series 470, is also similar but larger.
    Image; antiquesreporter.com.au
No information about numbering but described as "drilled" - presumably the hole for the electric cord.

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       Height; 8.5 - 9.7 cm
Similar un-numbered pieces
None is an exact match, and none has a hole like the examples above.