140  (Early Series)   Jardiniere

Only a single numbered example is recorded.
Does this shape appear in other series?  Possibly - there is an un-numbered Pamela piece recorded that is similar.

Dimensions;  height 16 cm, diameter 18.5 cm.
A shape book however notes a larger size only, suffixed 'LL'  (super-large?) - height about 22 cm, diameter about 26 cm - see below.
An earlier shape book sketch shows a similar size and shape to the numbered piece pictured, but without indicating any number.

Collection; Stuart Lawson
Incised Remued. Applied gumleaves.
Height; 18.4 cm.
  Norman Collection
Base unmarked. Pamela sticker. (For another example of this rare sticker see Pamela Series 1.)  
Height; 18.5 cm.
Un-numbered  jardinieres
These are of similar shape to the solitary numbered example although very slightly larger. Not as large as the 'LL' size however.

Shape book 'E'
140/LL !  22 - 23 cm high.
Collection; 'W'
        Shape book 'C'
This earlier book shows a similar shape, without a number but annotated 'Jean's Jardiner'. (Who was Jean?)
Size matches the numbered example above.
Collection; Clint Woodward
Base unmarked.
Height; 18 cm.