142  (Early Series; PPP and Remued)    Plump barrel vase, small collar lip.
Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - Later Series 45 is like 142 s but with no twig-handle.
Early Series 137 is somewhat similar but smaller and has no twig-handle.
A variant of 142 s, with different mouth shapes (ie not round) appears as Early Series 409.

Two sizes are recorded suffixed 's' and 'L'.

142 L
   Height 19 - 21 cm

Collection;  remueddude
Shape book 'E'
"Mod turned 1 large and 2 small rings"

Antique & Fine Art Auctions, Woolloongabba Qld.
Collection; 'W'
142 L and 142 s
142 & 142 s
   Height 15 - 16 cm
Brearly collection
Incised just 142 (no 's'), no stamp or signature.
All incised  Remued  142s.
Collection; Lorenzo
Stamped PPP,
incised 142.