182  (Early Series)    Small vase with ribbed bulbous body and flaring throat.

Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - 500 Series 511. There are also un-numbered examples.
There is a jug version of this vase, Early Series 181.

Height; 9.5 - 11 cm.


The piece on the right is completely unmarked on the base but is a 182 shape with a twig-handle. Other twig-handled examples are recorded, also un-numbered.
Height 11 cm.

The piece on the left is incised Deerbon 58L11
Una Deerbon was a well-known studio potter who frequented Premier Pottery.
Height 10 cm.

Norman Collection

Collection; E.E. Macdonald
182  (Early Series)    TWO SHAPES
This is a number that was assigned to two different shapes during the course of the Early Series. For the earlier shape, the only indication is a shape-book entry that has no sketch so the actual shape is as yet unknown.

Shape book 'C'

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182  (Early Series)    Unknown shape.
Known only from this shape-book entry.  Judging by dimensions it is not the 182 vase below.
Two sizes are listed with heights about 11 cm and 19 - 20 cm.
No sketch, just "Same as No.181". Early Series 181 is the jug version.

A stray example of the jug is recorded mistakenly numbered 182.

Shape book 'E'