197 ?  (Early Series)    Wide bowl, dimpled, square mouth.

No numbered example is recorded. It is known only from this shape-book entry which seems to show two numbers for it; 197 and 53 LX. (Early Series 53 L is a bowl of similar dimensions but with a round mouth and no dimples.)

Does this shape appear in other series?   Yes, probably, judging by the shape-book sketch - Pamela 14.

Dimensions; from shape book, height about 9.5 cm, diameter about 18 cm.

Shape book 'C'
Incised Remued
(But the sticker is Pamela! For a close-up of a Pamela sticker see Pamela 1.)

Un-numbered but probable 197 examples
Diam 18 cm, height 9.cm.
  Incised Remued
  Hand Made 1934