213 (Early Series)    Waisted two-cone vases.
Does this shape appear in other series?    Yes - Later Series 52.  Somewhat similar to Early Series 237 but differs in having a smaller body and larger throat.
There were three size variants, suffixed s, M and L.  'M' here denotes Medium size, not its more usual meaning of applied decoration.


213 L
   Height; 20 - 21.5 cm

Collection; Mike West
Un-numbered example
Nicholnack art in pottery
213 LM
Norman Collection
Norman Collection
The same shape in two numbering series; Early Series 213 s (left) with Later Series 52

213 M
       Dimensions unknown.
The 'M' suffix here appears to denote Medium size, not its usual meaning of applied decoration.

No example is recorded. 213 M is known only from this illustration in a sales brochure of F.R. Barlow and Sons who were Premier's wholesale agents.

In the brochure it is labelled 213 MH, the H denoting 'Handle'. In the brochure every shape with a twig-handle is suffixed 'H' but on actual recorded examples with handles the 'H' does not appear.  (It does appear, however, on some Later Series pieces).

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213 s
Height;  8.5 - 9 cm