218  (Early Series)   Cylindrical cup-shaped vase with foot.
Does this shape appear in other Series?    No - (none recorded in image database).
It is similar to Early Series 23 but without a flare to the lip.

Height; 15 - 16 cm

218 H
Illustration from a sales brochure of wholesale agents F.R.Barlow & Sons. In the brochure, all pieces with twig-handles are labelled with an 'H' suffix after their shape number. However, no equivalent Early Series piece in the image database is actually marked with an 'H'.        
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No 'M' suffix despite the presence of applied decoration.
The decoration is of an unusual form, more tree-like than grapevine. Two such examples are recorded.

Collection; Shepparton Art Gallery  1981.34

Collection; Brian Tonkin