240  (Early Series)    TWO SHAPES
: This doesn't seem to be one of those cases where where a shape was discontinued and its number subsequently re-allocated to a new shape. Rather, it is an unusual situation where a vase version and jug version of the same shape appear with the same number. Perhaps it's just a stray anomaly - the vase version is well documented with numerous examples, whereas only a single jug has come to light.

      Nicholnack art in pottery
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Norman Collection
Nicholnack art in pottery

240  (Early Series)   Small jug with ribbed conical base, wide throat.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No  (none recorded).

Height; 12.5 cm

Philips Auctions


Collection; 'W'
Incised Remued 240 or 240M ('M' indistinct)
240 M
240  (Early Series)   Small vase with ribbed conical base,
wide straight-sided throat, slightly flared lip.

Does this shape appear in other series?   Yes - Later Series 5, 500 Series 515.

Height; 12 - 12.5 cm
         Collection; 'W'
The same shape in three numbering series.
L-R: Early Series 240 with 500 Series 515
and Later Series 5.