312 (Early Series)    Baluster vases, wide flaring mouth.
Does this shape appear in other series?    Yes -  Later Series 16  is like 312/5.
Also, elsewhere in the Early Series Early Series 225 is like 312/5.

Four size variants are recorded, the smallest suffixed s or x, the others with inch suffixes 5, 7 and 9. The smallest size has no twig-handle but every recorded example of the larger sizes does. No example with gumleaf decoration is recorded.

       Height; 12 - 12.5 cm

312 x
  Davidson Auctions
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       Height; 18 cm..
Norman Collection

       Height; 23 cm

Norman Collection
Height; 9.5 - 10 cm.  This size is marked either 312s or 312x. There is no apparent difference between the two. Presumably the suffixes were used at different times, with one superseding the other. 312s is more usual.
312 s
Collection; 'W'
L-R; 312-s, 312-5, 312-7.
Collection; 'W'
Left; incised 312s. Right; 312x.
                       Collection; 'W'
These two are so similar it seems likely they may be from the same batch, yet they display different Early Series shape-numbers.  Incised (left) 312/5, (right) 225.
Collection; 'W'