340  (Early Series)   Vine-leaf dish with grapes.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No.

Dimensions; 13 cm across.

Rare, and an untypical item to have come from Premier. This is the only recorded example.

There is another leaf dish at Early Series 336. Other shapes in the range 336-341 also feature three-dimensional modelling, and immediately following that range shape-numbering enters a big gap. Clearly something out of the ordinary was happening at the time, probably involving John Castle-Harris who is thought to have done the modelling for the mould. For this particular dish, judging by the style of grapes it has also been suggested that perhaps Una Deerbon was responsible. Una Deerbon was a studio potter known to have frequented Premier Pottery, and who introduced Castle-Harris to Premier. Castle-Harris was her cousin.