478  (Early Series)   Log vase.
Does this shape appear in other series?   No - (none recorded in image database) although there was another log vase earlier in the Early Series, rather similar but with elongate feet on the base; Early Series 259.

Only one number is recorded, 478/7, but the use of the '7' suffix implies that other sizes exist.

This is the highest number recorded for the Early Series. It is not known whether Early Series numbers went any higher.

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Collection; Andrew van der Horst
Ground flat on the base. Note the roughened surface textures; at left, lumpy projections; and at right, striations scored in a wood-grain pattern.

The Collector, Murrumbeena Vic.

Un-numbered example, with another variation in the shape of the opening.

  Previous number in Early Series            
       Dimensions; 17 - 17.5 cm long,  log diameter 7 - 8 cm.
  Collection; Peter Leach
A larger piece, with 3-hole opening.
Un-numbered. Length 23.5 cm, diameter 10 - 11 cm.
No numbered example is recorded in this size.