93 (Early Series)   Wide vase of flattened 2-cone form, flaring conic lip.
Does this shape appear in other series?   No, not in other series (none recorded). The same shape but slightly larger, however, appears as Early Series 94.  Just one numbered example of each is recorded. In Remued numbering it is most unusual for different sizes of the same shape to have different shape numbers. Pamela numbering was like that, but Remued numbering normally distinguished between them with a suffix (inch sizes or 's' and 'L'). Perhaps one of these numbers - 93 or 94 - might be a mistake? More examples are need to resolve the matter.

Dimensions; height 7.5 cm, max diameter 13 cm.

Shape book 'PPP'

Base incised Remued 93.
Known shapes that appear in this shape book are mostly from the PPP range, but 93 is recorded to date only as Remued.
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