'L' Series Lamps

Several lamp bases, of Early Series appearance, are recorded with incised numbers that do not fit into the Early Series numbering system but instead are prefixed with the letter 'L' followed by a single digit. They appear to be part of a separate numbering series comprising lamps only. That series must have been short-lived; examples are rare, only three numbered pieces having been recorded to date, one each of L1, L3 and L5. Presumably the 'L' Series was quickly abandoned in favour of including lamp bases within the overall Early Series numbering.

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L 1

    Height;   24 cm.

Similar to Later Series 84

Base incised L1.
Initially read as 17 which seemed odd, but turn 17 the other way up and it becomes L1.

L 3

    Height; 26 - 27 cm

Chiltique on Conness,
Chiltern, Vic.
'W' Collection
Un-numbered example, base unmarked

Richmond Antiques,
Richmond, Tas.
Un-numbered, bases unmarked.
Possibly L1 examples?
(or an unknown Early Series shape?).

L 5

    Height; 18 - 19 cm.

'W' Collection
'W' Collection
L5 (right) has a similar shape to Early Series 99 (left) but is slightly larger.

L - R;  L1 and L3 shapes, both un-numbered, bases unmarked; and L5, number incised on base as seen above.

'W' Collection

Shape may be similar to Early Series 81, but no example of that is recorded.