122 (Later Series)   Globe-shaped vase, with Stands and/or Lamp Stand?

This number is rare. There is no example in the image database.

Does this shape appear in other series?    No, none recorded, but the shape-book entry for Later Series 140 comprises the words "same as 122" (but nothing else - no sketch or details).

Stands; each about 15 cm diameter.
Vase; height about 10cm.

This entry in shape book 'B' is confusing. It shows two or perhaps three different stand shapes, one crossed out, and the vase is also crossed out.

Shape book 'A' is later than this book and is hand-copied straight from it. For its 122 entry however book 'A' has only the words "Laytons out". Who Laytons were is unknown but the name appears on several shape-book entries, mostly for lamp bases. Presumably they were a wholesale customer and by the time book 'A' was made no.122 had been discontinued.
(Other items however, probably also discontinued, still appear in book 'A'. Perhaps this entry was just too big and too messy to be bothered copying?)