183  (Later Series)    Slender upright basket
Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes -  'A' Series / Kerryl A106 and Kerryl 'B' Series B3&B4 

There were two sizes, suffixed s and L

The 'H' values in this shape book entry appear to be the height of the basket body, not the body plus handle.

The details at the bottom of the shapebook entry
eg "Making  36" refer to production rates - per hour!  Potter Allan James reckoned on throwing 36 basket bodies in an hour. The figures were used for production planning, and costing.

Shape book 'B'
   Isabella House, NW Vic.
Left ; base incised 183-s.      
Right; un-numbered, base unmarked.

       Height; body 15.5 cm; total including handle 22 - 23 cm.
Collection; Maria Koba
Catherine Webb research collection
Collection; Scott Williams & Margret Knopfler
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       Height; body 11 - 12 cm; total including handle 16 - 17 cm.