53 (Later Series)    Tall vases with rounded shoulder & collar throat
Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - Early Series 466 and 500 Series 520

Three sizes are recorded, with inch suffixes 10, 12 and 14. Only two are listed in the shape book. The shape book also shows a  'lamp base' version (see below)

Shape book 'B'

       Height; 29 - 30 cm.

from Shape book 'A'
Later Series 53 appears in two shape books. In both books, a separate sketch has been added of a larger version titled 'Layton's Lamp Base'. No definite example of the lamp-base version is known although a 53-12 piece is recorded with a hole for an electric cord. That hole however was drilled after firing, not perforated before glazing and firing, so it is uncertain whether it was done at Premier or by a subsequent owner.

Hunters & Collectors Antiques
Mittagong NSW
Collection; Shepparton Art Gallery
Gift of Dr.H.D.Chamberlain, 1987       1987.41
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Norman Collection

       Height; not recorded but presumably about 35 cm.
Collection; E.E.Macdonald
This is amongst the tallest Remued pieces recorded.
(For the very tallest see Early Series 470/18)

"Layton Lamp Base"

The item labelled "cock" is unknown.
Maybe it is a wire fitting as seen on Early Series 53 s
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Raffan Kelaher & Thomas
   Height; 24 - 25 cm.