78  (Later Series)    TWO SHAPES 
: During the Early Series period it was common for numbers to be re-allocated to a second shape, but here is the only known example of a Later Series number being listed against two different shapes. The first shape - an egg cup - is crossed out, suggesting it was quickly superseded. Both shapes are rare.

Shape book 'B', seen here, shows both shapes but with the first crossed out.

Shape book 'A' however, which is a slightly later version and is generally just copied straight from book 'B', doesn't show the egg cup at all.
It also names another use for this versatile second object, naming it "Coloured shaving insert or Jelly mould".

Shape book 'B'

78  (Later Series)    Coloured shaving insert  (or jelly mould!)

No numbered example is recorded.
Does the shape appear in other series?   No, not in other series (none recorded) but it appears to be the same shape as Later Series 65.

Height; from shape book, about 6 cm.
Mark Doust
       Collection; 'W'
A likely candidate for Later Series 78
(or Later Series 65)
Un-numbered, base unmarked.
Height;  5 cm.
78  (Later Series)    Egg cup with wide base

Does the shape appear in other series?    No - (none recorded).
This egg cup has an open throat and hollow body with a flat base.

Height; 10 cm.