99 (Later Series)    Large plump vase, narrowed neck
This vase (and also Later Series 100) seems a surprising item to be produced under wartime restrictions requiring manufactured goods to be utilitarian not decorative. It is rare; clearly few were produced.

Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes -  Early Series 217/12.

Height; 32 - 33 cm.

Shape book 'A'

Shape book 'A'
Allan & Myrtle James Collection
Image; Catherine Webb

Twig-handles are seldom found on Later Series items.
In sales brochures showing selected Early Series pieces, those with twig-handles are labelled with the suffix 'H', but the suffix does not appear on any of the actual twig-handled Early Series pots recorded. Here is a rare Later Series example with twig-handle and 'H' suffix (another is Later Series 91).
Collection; Doug & Di Austin
99 H