13  (Pamela Series)    Plump baluster vase, wide flare
(Plain - no applied gumleaf decoration)
Does this shape appear in other series?   Yes - Early Series 196/7500 Series 508/7; and Later Series 13-7 .

In the Remued Early Series, suffixes were added to distinguish between sizes and between decorated and undecorated versions, but in Pamela numbering there were no suffixes. Each variant had its own separate number. Pamela 2, 9, 11 & 13 all combined to become Remued Early Series 196, suffixed  /4M,  /4,  /7M and /7 respectively.

This shape is the larger of two sizes in the Pamela Series, undecorated, the equivalent decorated version being Pamela Series 11.  A smaller size, about 11-12 cm tall, is Pamela Series 2 (decorated) and Pamela Series 9 (undecorated).

Un-numbered examples are also recorded.

Height; 18cm

On the right, base incised 13 Pamela 1934.
Left, the Early Series equivalent, base incised 196/7 Remued

Collection; A.McGowan
Un-numbered, base incised Pamela 1934
Height; 18.7 cm

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