14  (Pamela Series)    Wide bowl, dimpled, square mouth.
Does this shape appear in other series?  Uncertain - perhaps Early Series 197 and/or 53LX, but no example is recorded. There are also un-numbered examples, both Pamela and Remued.

Height;  8 - 9 cm.  Diameter 16 - 18 cm.

Collection;  remueddude
Bases incised 14 Pamela Hand Made 1934
Base incised
Pamela Hand Made 1934

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This piece is incised Remued but beneath the Remued signature, faint yet unmistakable, is 14 Pamela 1934.  What happened here? We may never know for sure but it seems likely it was actually sitting in the drying racks at Oakover Road, incised Pamela, when the decision was taken in 1934 to abandon the Pamela name. The leather-hard base was then washed, almost obliterating the Pamela etc inscription, and 'Remued' was incised in its place.This piece just may have captured a pivotal moment in Premier Pottery's history!

Some un-numbered examples;
Pamela sticker; but base incised Remued not Pamela.
(For a close-up of a Pamela sticker see Pamela 1.)