31  (Pamela Series)    Cylindrical vase, slightly flared mouth, flat circumferential bands, gumleaf decoration.
Does this shape appear in other series?   Yes -  Early Series 180

Height; 19 - 21 cm.

This is the highest number recorded to date in the Pamela Series. It is not known if the numbering went higher.
Base incised
31 Pamela Handmade 1934
Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Un-numbered, base incised
  Pamela  Hand Made

Previous number in Pamela Series

Base incised 31m Pamela Handmade 1934
The 'm' suffix on this piece is anomalous. Pamela Series numbering did not use suffixes. In Remued numbering 'M' usually denoted gumleaf decoration, although occasionally it was used to denote Medium size and for this shape's Remued equivalent (Early Series 180) that was so. Either way however, its use here on a Pamela piece was presumably a mistake, made while Remued and Pamela pieces were both being incised at the same time.
(Mistakes did happen - click here for more examples.)