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Shallow dishes.

Early Series 24
Later Series 2      (no example recorded)
Later Series 91
Later Series 150  (no example recorded)
Later Series 191   Agate ware (no example recorded)
'A Series / Kerryl A8    (no example recorded)

Float bowl.

PPP motto dishes

Early Series 80
Early Series 81

These came in various shapes, part of a range in the style of Torquay Ware which was popular in England at the time.

Small dish

Small wide bowl

Open bowls with pedestal
Early Series 203
Later Series 137
Later Series 185   Agate ware (no example recorded)
'A' Series / Kerryl  A108  (no example recorded)

Jam dish, wavy edge

Later Series 70

Butter dishes      Various shapes

Later Series 71
Later Series 74    Tub with lid
'A' Series A6      
'A' Series A13   (no example recorded)

Sugar bowls

Later Series 76   Bowl with lid
Later Series 125  (no example recorded)
Later Series 92B   Open bowl

There were also several sugar bowls in the PPP range, most of them belonging to cream-jug-and-sugar-bowl sets. No numbered example of any is recorded. They are known from shape book entries only.
See Early Series numbers 56666869

Pudding bowls, Basins, Mixing bowls    Various shapes and sizes. No examples recorded.
Later Series 93
Later Series 94
Later Series 112    Army basins
Later Series 130
Later Series 131

Deep dishes, flared

Later Series 108    Two handles
Later Series 118    Without handles

Both dishes came in several sizes.
Later Series 108           Later Series 118

Sweet dishes

Later Series 132      (no example recorded)   
'A' Series A7     (no example recorded)

Flat-bottomed open bowl

Later Series 76
Leaf dishes
Early Series 336   Gumleaf ashtay
Early Series 340   Vine leaf with grapes
Later Series 141    (no example recorded)
Kerryl 'M' Series M30  (no example recorded)
Long Gone Antiques & Collectables, Warrnambool, Vic.  
Baby's plate

Later Series 95               (no numbered example recorded)

Salad bowls

Later Series 97
Later Series 111   Army salad bowl (no example recorded)

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Plate, with spiral decoration

Early Series 216

Float bowl

Early Series 158
Collection; Maria Koba

Float bowl

Early Series 263
Collection; Caroline Askew

Large dish
Later Series 170         

Open bowl, slightly scalloped profile

Early Series 316         

S&M Antiques & Collectables   
'A' Series A6

Later Series 97
Norman Collection

Wide round-sided bowl

Early Series 115
Norman Collection

Dish with open pedestal

Early Series 55

Soup coupe

'A' Series A27

Collection; Tim Anderson
Later Series 71

Large shallow bowl

Early Series 454

Footed sugar-bowl with wavy lip

Early Series 74

Later Series 92B