Vases small at the base, widening upwards in the side-to-side direction but staying small front-to-back. Usually made by compressing an upward-flaring cone.

Premier Pottery's first recorded fan vase did not appear until well into the Early Series (Early Series 341). Early Series 475  was next, which carried over into the 500 Series and was an early entrant in the Later Series (Later Series 4) where it went on to become one of Remued's most popular post-war shapes. Fan vases were at their most popular in the 1950s and 60s. There were more fan vases in the 'A' Series / Kerryl range than ever appeared as Remued.

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Fan vases, outward-bulging front and back

Early Series 475
500 Series 522
Later Series 4
'A' Series / Kerryl A106

Fan vase, outward-bulging front and back
A more upright shape than the one above.

Later Series 25   (no example recorded)
'A' Series / Kerryl A11

Kerryl slip-cast shapes
Various shapes, some of which (perhaps all?) were replicas of designs from other potteries.

'A' Series / Kerryl A46  'Clam' vase with waratahs
'A' Series / Kerryl A55  Elongate fruit dish with fish decoration
'A' Series / Kerryl A56  Elongate vase with pedestal
'A' Series / Kerryl A58  Tall fan vase with leaf decoration
'A' Series / Kerryl A70  Scallop shell
'A' Series / Kerryl A73  Fern vase
'A' Series / Kerryl A82  Fluted fan vase
'A' Series / Kerryl A85  Tall fan vase with ridged art deco pattern
'A' Series / Kerryl A92  Scallop shell
'A' Series / Kerryl A98  Large fan vase
'A' Series / Kerryl A109  Large 'clam' vase with foot
Kerryl 'B' Series B11    Large lobed fan vase

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Fan vase, wavy lip

Early Series 341

Small fan vase, wavy lip

Only a single example known.
Height; 8 cm.

The shape has an affinity with
Later Series 4-s
Collection; John Fortuna

Fan vases
Simple fan-vase shapes, various sizes.
Later Series 57
'A' Series / Kerryl A29
'A' Series / Kerryl A45
'A' Series / Kerryl A79
'A' Series / Kerryl A86
'A' Series / Kerryl A87  
'A' Series / Kerryl A99   (no example recorded)
* 'A' Series / Kerryl A105 
Kerryl 'B' Series B2
Kerryl 'B' Series B13

Fan vase with dipping lip

Later Series 179
'A' Series / Kerryl A88 & A102