Spherical and globular shapes.

Early Series 86

Early Series 91

Early Series 99

Later Series 89

Later Series 110

Later Series 157

'A' Series / Kerryl A10

'A' Series/Kerryl A62

Other shapes

Early Series 13 B      Koalas

Early Series 80

Early Series 81

Early Series 88

Early Series 92

Early Series 95

Early Series 97

Later Series 84

Later Series 85

Later Series 86

Later Series 87

Later Series 90

Later Series 101

Later Series 102

Later Series 103

Later Series 104

Later Series 105

Later Series 106

Later Series 107

Later Series 126

Later Series 139

Later Series 151 

Later Series 152

Later Series 153

Later Series 154

Later Series 155

Later Series 156

Later Series 158

Later Series 161

Later Series 166

Later Series 167

Later Series 168

Later Series 169

'A' Series / Kerryl A9

'A' Series/Kerryl A63

'A' Series/Kerryl A114

'A' Series/Kerryl A115      


Like Later Series 157

Later Series 103-6     

Collection; Stuart Lawson
Later Series 158
Later Series 90
Later Series 101

Many lamp bases are known only from shape-book sketches.
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Lamp bases are among the rarest of Remued products. Most are known only from shape-book sketches. 
In the Later Series, lamp bases were mostly part of the wartime range when production was severely curtailed.
No lamp is recorded with applied decoration (other than branch handles) except for one in the 'Animal' Series, Early Series 13 B.

There is also a small separate numbering system for lamps, the 'L' Series

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Like Early Series 88
'A' Series / Kerryl A63
Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Early Series 91
Collection; Maria & Stan Koba
'A' Series / Kerryl A10
Lamp versions of 'non-lamp' shapes.
Premier Pottery sometimes added a hole for an electric cord to other shapes so that they could be adapted for use as a lamp-base. Such pieces carried the same shape-number as those without the hole. The holes were definitely original - ie made at Premier not drilled by later owners - because glaze has run into the holes.

Early Series 42 L    "Ginger-jar" vase

Early Series 53 s     Globe-shaped bowl, round mouth, no flare.

Early Series 132/8     Vase with shoulder and collar lip.

Early Series 141     Double-gourd vase

Early Series 157     Tall chamberstick

Later Series 26    Layton lamp version. No example recorded.

Later Series 53    Layton lamp version.  No example recorded.
        Chiltique on Conness, Chiltern, Vic.
Base incised L3 - part of a separate little numbering system for lamps.
Height; 26.5cm.

Collection; 'W'
Like Later Series 168