Shapes with a wide or bulbous lower body, extending upward into an elongated straight or flaring throat.

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Tall vase with bulbous base, long straight neck

Early Series 43

Small vase with ribbed bulbous base, straight throat

Early Series 175

Vase with two-cone base, wide straight throat

Early Series 177   (TWO flask shapes - one has no recorded example)
Early Series 39     (no recorded example)
Early Series 202    (no recorded example)

Small flask with bulb base, wide throat and square mouth

Pamela Series 1
Early Series 199

Small flask with bulb base, wide throat and round mouth

Pamela Series 3
Early Series 198
Later Series 50

Collection; Shepparton Art Gallery
Small vase with ribbed bulbous body and flaring throat
Early Series 182
500 Series 511

Small vase with ribbed conical base, wide straight-sided throat

Early Series 240
Later Series 5

Small flask with bulb base, wide neck and wavy flared lip

Early Series 113

Vases with 2-cone base and conic flaring throat

Early Series 313
Later Series 61

Ribbed bulb base, throat widening upwards
*  Early Series 314
Later Series 17
'A' Series / Kerryl A108

Vases with bulbous body, prominent foot and wide high flaring lip

Early Series 320

Liqueur flask with handle, long neck and stopper
Not a 'flask-shaped' vase, this one, but a true flask.

Later Series 165

Tall vase with conic flared throat

Later Series 175

Long-necked flask

Later Series 198

Vase with small bulbous base, wide straight throat and flaring mouth

PPP / Early Series 60

Vase with ribbed gently conic base and gently conic throat

Later Series 60

Globular or 2-cone vase with narrowed straight collar

Early Series / PPP 124
Later Series 46

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Flasks with bulb base, slender neck and three spiral handles.

Early Series 177              No recorded example

Small flask, bulbous body with spiral handle.
Early Series / PPP 52    
Early Series / PPP 76  
Early Series / PPP 87
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Tall vase with bulbous base, long straight neck and square mouth.

Early Series 43             

Flagon with handle and stopper
Another true flask, not a vase.

Early Series 467

Tall flask-shaped vases with bulbous base, long neck and flared lip.

Early Series / PPP 59   (no example recorded)         

Flask-shaped vase with handle

Early Series 125        

Flask-shaped vase, bulbous body, slight flare to neck

Early Series/PPP 18        

Flask with ribbed body, slender neck with flared lip

Early Series 252        

Large flask with foot and short straight throat

Early Series 150        

Large flask

Early Series /PPP 4

Collection: 'W'