'Very tall' is taken to mean taller than about 24 cm. Many of these shapes come in multiple sizes including smaller sizes as well.
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What is the tallest of all Remued vases?  The tallest recorded so far measures in at a whopping 46 cm (18 inches);  Early Series 470/18 
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Tall baluster-shaped vases, small flared lip

Early Series 1
Later Series 100
Later Series 177 (with holes; 'gladioli vase')
*  'A' Series/Kerryl A91   (with holes; 'gladioli vase')

Large 'beehive' barrel

Early Series 18

Large jardinieres
Early Series 30
Early Series 241

Tall wide-mouth vase

Early Series 66

Tall vase, wide open mouth, small flare

Early Series 110

Barrel vases

Early Series 114

Cylinder vases
Early Series / PPP 3
Early Series 145

Cylindrical vases with pronounced foot, slightly flared mouth and raised circumferential rings

Early Series 180.  No very tall example recorded.

Plump baluster vases, wide flare
Early Series 196
Later Series 13

Wall pocket vases, flattened conical shape
Early Series 209
Later Series 15
* 'A' Series / Kerryl A102   No example recorded.

Baluster-shaped vase with wide flaring mouth

Early Series 214

Large plump vases, narrowed neck
Early Series 217.    
Later Series 99    

Plump baluster vases
Early Series 315

Ribbed baluster-shaped vases with wide wavy flaring lip
Early Series 317
500 Series 510
Later Series 8

Baluster shaped vases, ribbed body, wide flaring mouth

Early Series 319

Vases with bulbous body, prominent foot and high wide flaring lip

Early Series 320

Large plump open-mouth vase

Early Series 329

Tall baluster-shaped vase

Early Series 465
500 Series 518
Later Series 26

Tall vase with rounded shoulder and collar throat

Early Series 466
500 Series 520
Later Series 53

Very tall vase

Early Series 463   

Tall baluster-shaped vase

Early Series 468

Tall baluster-shaped vase

Early Series 469

Tall baluster-shaped vase with sharp shoulder

Early Series 470
Later Series 54

Tall baluster-shaped vase

Early Series 473

Tall very slender waisted vase

Early Series 477

Fan vases

Later Series 57
'A' Series / Kerryl A86
'A' Series / Kerryl A99   (no example recorded)

Tall vase, agate ware

Later Series 193      (no example recorded)

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Gladioli vases
'A' Series / Kerryl A31     (no example recorded)
'A' Series / Kerryl A75   
'A' Series / Kerryl A117    (no example recorded)

Tall cylinder vase, flared base, animal decoration
Early Series 7
Early Series 36   

Large 2-bulge vase, round mouth

Early Series 101

'A' Series / Kerryl  SLIP-CAST VASES
Various shapes
'A' Series / Kerryl A73  Large fan vase, fern-frond decoration, square base.
'A' Series / Kerryl A83  Tall vase, sinuous with gaping mouth.
'A' Series / Kerryl A98  Large fan vase, scalloped lip.
'A' Series / Kerryl A100  Large urn, 2 handles.

Tall 'waisted cylinder' vase

'A' Series / Kerryl A90     (no example recorded)

Tall flask-shaped vases with bulbous base, long neck and flared lip

Early Series 59     (no example recorded)

Plump baluster-shaped vase, wide flared mouth

Early Series 191/10  
                 shopatnortham, Northam WA                           

PPP painted floor vases; un-numbered
   Height; approx 40 cm.
All signed (or attributed) R.Hawkins, except the galleon signed T.Evelyn Woodrow.


Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts

For enlarged images click here.  The shape does not match any known shape number.
Youngs Auctions -
The Berry Collection

Leski Auctions

Un-numbered but shape matches Early Series 1-15

  Blinco collection
Height;  34 cm. Un-numbered, base incised Remued.
Two 'pierced ears', an unusual feature.

Collection; John Verhoeven
Height; 40 cm. Un-numbered, incised Remued Hand Made
These three un-numbered vases match no known shape number. Only a single example of each is recorded.

Tall baluster-shaped vase with sharp shoulder

* Early Series 106/10 

Height;  31 cm. Un-numbered. Two koalas embedded.
Redcoat Soldier Antiques, Sale Vic.
Image; Stuart Lawson
Tall vase

* 500 Series 519/12           (no image)

Large plump baluster-shaped vase, small flaring lip

* Shape F  in the 'Alphabet' Series