508  (500 Series)   Large plump baluster-shaped vase, wide flared lip
Does this shape appear in other series? Yes - Pamela Series 13Early Series 196Later Series 13
Shape books show 'A' Series / Kerryl A101 as equivalent too but there is no example in the image database.   'A' Series / Kerryl A43 is rather similar but smaller.

Only one size is recorded but the presence of the inch suffix '7' suggests that other sizes may have existed.

       Height; 17.5 - 18 cm.

The same shape in three numbering series.
508/7 (centre) flanked by Early Series 196/7 (left) and Later Series 13-7 (right).
Although nominally all of 7 inch height (17.7 cm) they actually measure out at 19.5, 18 and 17 cm.

Collection; "W"