'A' Series price list, October 1952

This surviving document shows that the 'A' Series was already in production, up to at least number A27, a few years before the Remued Later Series ceased production. The name "Kerryl" had not yet appeared.

Burmatt Pty.Ltd. were Premier Pottery's wholesale agents in the post-war years.

There are a couple of discrepancies between this early list and what appears in the shape book. Catalogue entries follow the shape book numbering.

Except for the A1 & A2 ramekins, no shape on this list is a repeat of a Remued Later Series shape. Shape numbers immediately following those listed, however - ie from A28 on - see the re-appearance of many Later Series shapes. It is tempting to conclude that A27 was as far as the 'A' Series reached before the demise of the Remued name and the emergence of Kerryl.