144  (Early Series; PPP and Remued)    Large vase, gently tapering upwards with small flaring collar.
Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - Pamela 16 is like 144 and Pamela 15 is like 144 M.
There are also early un-numbered Remued and Pamela examples, and examples completely unmarked.
There is a jug version of this shape too, but recorded only as un-numbered examples.

Height; 18 - 20 cm. Only one size is recorded but examples are recorded incised 144/8. The inch suffix implies that another size may have existed.

144 M

art in pottery
Bases incised 144 Remued

Un-numbered examples

Base stamped PPP,
incised 144

Youngs Auctions - The Berry Collection
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Here is the vase that led to the creation of this catalogue.
It belonged to my grandmother, and after her death passed to my wife which was the beginning of her love of Australian drip-glaze pottery.
Listing and photographing my wife's modest collection became an intriguing exercise, and led to the hunt for more shape numbers  (and more .... and
more .... ! )

Base incised
144/8 Remued
Graham Lancaster Auctions
Solitary Demand
Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
  Water-lily decoration
144 & 144/8
Un-numbered. Base incised Remued Handmade
Shape resembles 144, but much bigger, height; 32 cm.
And most striking of all - koalas! (If it were numbered it might be '144/12B')
It's hard to know where to catalogue this splendid piece