262 (Early Series)    Slender flaring waisted vases.
Does this shape appear in other series?   No, not exactly although there are other vases with a similar generic shape - see 'waisted cylinders' under 'Catalogue by Shape'.

Two size variants are recorded, with inch suffixes 6 and 9 

   Height; 15 - 16 cm

       Height; 22 - 23 cm.

Strap-handle             Twig-handle
Shapiro Auctioneers
No handle
At Premier Pottery signatures and shape numbers were incised by hand, by anyone available. Signature styles range from elegant copperplate, to barely literate as seen here. These two examples are in the same handwriting, quite possibly from the same batch, and each has a different mis-spelling of 'Remued'.   Mistakes did happen - for more, see the 'Pitfalls' page.

Base incised  Remed  262/6
Base incised  Remeued  262/9