48  (Early Series)   TWO SHAPES (?)
: Only one shape is recorded but there was perhaps an earlier shape too. The numbering system was introduced during 1934 and by the end of that year had extended well beyond number 48. The only examples of this conic jug recorded with a number, however, date from 1936. Earlier pieces from 1934 all lack numbers. Perhaps they were allocated number 48 but remained unmarked, or alternatively there might be another 48 shape (PPP perhaps?) as yet unrecorded. If you have an example we'd love to hear from you - contact us.

Ross & Sharron Pentreath
                Bases incised  Remued  48. Inscription 'Edward VIII'. Left; with military cap. Right; no cap.

These are the only numbered examples of this shape yet recorded; indeed they are the only numbered examples of any commemorative piece. Although not marked with a date, they can be confidently dated to 1936 because the reign of Edward VIII began and ended in that year. Other commemorative pieces all relate to an earlier event, the 1934 centenary of British settlement in what became Victoria.

Un-numbered examples

Inscribed 'Edward VIII'. With and without military cap.
Bases incised Remued. Edward VIII pieces are never marked 'Pamela' because that name had ceased in 1934.
Inscribed 'Batman'. On reverse; 'Souvenir of Melbourne'. 
Base incised Pamela 1934.

A very early example of this shape, with modelled and painted tree.
Un-numbered, base painted (not incised) Remued
Height; 16 cm.

Collection; Bradley Stephan

The Junk Company, Melbourne
48  (Early Series)   Conic jug with flaring top.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No, not in other numbering series (none recorded), but there are un-numbered examples of this shape, particularly commemorative pieces from 1934, marked Remued or Pamela.
A PPP carafe - the same shape minus handle - is recorded un-numbered - see Early Series 156.

Height; 13.5 - 15 cm