81  (Later Series)    Shaving mug
82  (Later Series)    Mug variant

These shapes are rare. No numbered example is recorded.

For no. 82, the shape book has no sketch, just the words "no.81 without a lug". Given that the lug is for holding a shaving-brush, the version without lug is presumably just an ordinary drinking mug, not for shaving.

Height; from shape-book, about 7 cm
The dimensions shown don't seem to match the proportions of the sketch, however - perhaps two are transposed?

Shape book 'A'

Same number,
different shape;
Early Series 81

Un-numbered, unmarked.  Height; 8 cm.
These mugs lack the shaped foot of the shape-book sketch.
It is thought, however, that they could be wartime production from Premier and perhaps candidates for Later Series 82 and 81.

Collection; Stuart Lawson