Un-numbered early 2-bulge jugs

Like the Early Series 190 jug.
They pre-date the the numbering system.

left 21.5 cm.
centre 24 cm.
right 20.5 cm (with small jug numbered 190)

Small 2-bulge vase, low waist, round mouth

Early Series 23.
Early Series 221

Tall jug, 3-bulge

Early Series 33.

Tall vase, 2-bulge, wide flare lip

Early Series 35.
500 Series 528
Later Series 42 

Tall jug, 2-bulge, wide flare mouth

Early Series 38.

Double gourd vase with high collar

Early Series 141.

Small 2-bulge vase with square mouth

Early Series 174.
Early Series 195 

2-bulge jugs

Early Series 190.
Also un-numbered examples

Squat vases; 'champagne-cork' shapes

Early Series 233
Early Series 235.

Double gourd vase with flared lip

Early Series 236.
Collection; Shepparton Art Gallery

Ribbed conic base, flared bulb top

Early Series 239.
Later Series 162
J.Maas Antiques,
Tyabb Vic.

Tall  2-bulge vase, high waist, small flare

Early Series 247.

Small 2-bulge vase, high waist, round mouth

Later Series 48

Lamp base

Later Series 104 

Double gourd vase with small conic collar lip

Early Series 122.
Collection; Shepparton Art Gallery
Gift of Dr.H.D.Chamberlain  1987.143

Leonard Joel

In profile, most pottery shapes have only a single outward-convex curve. Listed here are jugs, vases and lamp bases that have more than one such 'bulge'.

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Tall lamp base, double gourd shape

Early Series 88

Large 2-bulge vase, round mouth

Early Series 101
Collection; minniejadyn

Jardiniere, indented at waist

Early Series 34

Norman Collection
Norman Collection

Youngs Auctions
Double-gourd vase with 2 handles

Early Series 123
Collection; Terry Cheetham