A selection of PPP jugs
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The PPP mark was used by Premier Pottery Preston from 1930 to 1934. For an account of PPP styles and history click here. Most PPP pieces were made before the introduction of shape numbering in 1934, and then the PPP name was dropped shortly after numbering began. Consequently, numbered PPP pieces are rare.

This page shows some un-numbered pieces. Un-numbered examples of shapes that did acquire a number are mostly catalogued with their numbered counterparts in the Early Series. Many pictures here, therefore, show shapes that were never assigned a number or for which a numbered example still awaits discovery.

Stuart Lawson
    Height;  12 cm
Collection; Michael West  
   Height; 12 cm
Brendan Pitcher
Height; 12.5 cm

Height;  15 & 11.5 cm
Collection; Shepparton  Art Gallery 1978.54
Height; 22 cm
Collection; Stuart Lawson
       Height;  10 cm
See Early Series 119

Isabella House, NW Vic.
Height;  15 cm
Height 7.4 cm
Height 8 cm.
Height; 8.5 cm
Height; 8 cm.
     Collection; John Stephens
The jug on the left is an exceptional piece, probably very early, showing an Australian homestead with verandah instead of the usual English cottage. 'PPP' on base is hand-painted not stamped.

Collection; 'W'
Height; 10 cm.
Height; 9.2 cm.

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Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Height; 12 cm.
Shapiro Auctioneers, Sydney
Coffee Pot
Height; 18 cm.
Youngs Auctions -
The Berry Collection
Height 11 cm.
Faceted jugs
The sides and base of these jugs are octagonal, not round like every other known PPP jug, and the handle and spout are unlike Premier's style. They appear to have been produced in moulds, a technique not used by Premier except for press-moulded gumleaves and the like. (Slip-casting was eventually adopted but not until 25 years later in the 'A' Series / Kerryl range.)

The most likely explanation is that, in the earliest days of Premier Pottery, they bought in moulded blanks from one of the larger potteries in the area and applied their own decoration and glaze. Can anyone identify the shape as being from, say, Hoffman? - please contact us!  Whatever the source, it appears to be a replica of a shape by the English firm Swinnertons - see here.
It seems the practice did not last. These are rare.
Collection; Steve Fraser
Height; 9 - 9.5 cm.

Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Height; 13 cm.
For a selection of PPP 'spout pots' - with blind spouts - click here.
Cylinder jugs
These examples are all un-numbered but, based on one solitary example recorded with a number they match Early Series 79.
Judging by a shape book sketch, the same shape was revived in the immediate post-war years as Later Series 145 but no numbered example of that is recorded at all.
Height;  13 cm.
Height;  14.5 cm