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A60  ('A' Series / Kerryl)    Palm tree wall vase.
            SLIP CAST
Does this shape appear in other series?  No.
A replica of Beswick design no.1063 - see below.
Compare with 'A' Series / Kerryl A57  from the same Beswick 'Palm Tree' series.

Height; 19 cm.

Shape book 'A' (back)

The original. Stamped to rear Beswick England and impressed 1063
Height; 22 cm.
Beswick's popular 'Palm Tree' series was produced from the late 1940s until the mid-1960s. This shape is often referred to as 'Palm tree and drums' although the 'drums' more likely represent large earthenware pots.

There were other replicas of this shape as well as Kerryl's.
Left, rear impressed Kalmar W6. Right; rear unmarked, Florann sticker.
Although height measurements are often imprecise, the reported heights here do give a basis for guesswork about who copied what. Clay shrinks on drying, so a vase cast in a mould becomes smaller than its mould. The Beswick vase is reportedly 22 cm tall, Kalmar and Florann 20 - 20.5 cm and Kerryl 19 cm. If accurate, these measurements suggest that Kalmar and Florann made their moulds from original Beswick vases, and Kerryl in turn made their mould from one of those copies.