114  (Early Series)    Barrel vases.
Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes -  Later Series 64.  There are also early un-numbered examples.

There were three numbered size variants;  114/6 (6 inch size, 15 cm); 114/8 ( 8 inch, 20 cm): and 114/10 (10 inch, 25 cm).  Suffixes used to denote sizes changed, however, during the Early Series years - see below.

       Height; 20.5 - 22.5 cm

       Height; 26 - 27 cm
Tyabb Packing House,
Tyabb, Vic.

       Height; 15 - 17 cm
114 & 114 M
Height; 15 - 17 cm
It is thought that these pieces pre-date the use of inch suffixes. It seems likely that the first numbered examples were made in this single size only and numbered just 114, then subsequently S-M-L (small-medium-large) were briefly used but to date only 'M' is recorded. The  'M' here denotes size, not gumleaf decoration as it usually does.
  Tyabb Packing House, Vic.
Unsigned, incised 114M


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Eric Smith
A very early un-numbered example.
Short gumleaf pattern and vertical striations. Base incised Remued. Height; 15 cm.
Un-numbered, height 32 cm. Taller than any recorded numbered barrel.
Base incised "Margaret Kerr, Melbourne"

Shape book 'E'
This piece was received as a 21st birthday present in 1937 so it was probably made in 1936-37
Leonard Joel
Both unsigned, incised 114.
No PPP-stamped example is yet recorded but similar glazes are seen on PPP.
Churchill Antique Centre,
North Fremantle  WA
    Collection; 'W'
Incised; (rear L-R) 114/8 ; 114/10 Remued ; 114/8 Remued
(front L-R) unmarked; 114 Remued; Remued 114/6