177  (Early Series)    Flasks with bulb base, slender neck, wavy lip
and three spiral handles.

No numbered example of this shape is recorded.

Height; the shape book indicates two sizes,
4 inch (10 cm) and 6 inch (15 cm).

Shape book 'C'

177  (Early Series)    Vase with two-cone base, wide straight throat and small flare.

Does this shape appear in other series?  No - (none recorded) although judging by shape-book sketches two other Early Series shapes are similar;  Early Series 39 and Early Series 202.  Their sizes however are unknown.

Height;  16 - 17.5 cm

This second 177 shape clearly post-dates and supersedes the first.
Collection; Shepparton Art Gallery
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            Oscar Prouse (Long's)
Un-numbered and unsigned. These are the nearest things to the shape-book sketch recorded to date. One with a single spiral handle not three; and one with no handle at all (a similar piece is recorded marked Pamela 1934.).
Height; 9 cm (corresponding to 177/4 of the shape book)
Spiral handles are a feature of some PPP pieces but are almost unknown on Remued pieces.
A piece with applied gumleaf decoration is recorded, un-numbered.
No picture available.
Base incised 177 Remued.

Unglazed and displaying the work of an unknown china-painter.

Collection; Isabella House, NW Vic.

'W' Collection
177  (Early Series)    TWO SHAPES
The shape-book information here is particularly valuable. It not only shows the two different shapes, but provides direct documentary proof that during the early years disused shape numbers were re-allocated to new shapes.