19  (Early Series)   Flaring open conical bowl with foot, and koala decoration.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No - (none recorded in image database).

Dimensions; height 11 cm, diameter 15.5 cm.

Hurnall's Antiques & Decorative Arts
Base incised Remued 19

The base has been ground, leaving the inscription faint and fragmentary, hard to read. However there is no sign of the expected suffix 'B' to denote the applied koala.

Shape book 'E'

19 s
   Height; 13.3 cm.

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19  (Early Series)   TWO SHAPES.
This appears to be one of those numbers that was re-assigned to another shape during the course of the Early Series.
19  (Early Series)   Two-cone vase with conic flare

Does this shape appear in other series?   No, not in other series, but examples are recorded elsewhere in the Early Series at Early Series 4.  The reason for this duplication is unknown. Only a single example is recorded numbered 19 whereas there are several  numbered 4. The use of the size suffix S suggests that another size may have existed.

The dimensions here are hard to reconcile with the example above.