4  (Early Series)     SEVERAL SHAPES !
There is something strange happening with number 4. 
*  The first no. 4 shape was a PPP flask.
*  At some point after the demise of the PPP name, the number was re-allocated to a Remued vase.
*  An animal-decorated ashtray is also numbered 4, although that may be part of a separate small 'Animal' numbering series.
*  Perplexingly however, even more shapes are recorded numbered 4. Two of them, and the Remued vase too, are duplicates of shapes recorded elsewhere in the Early Series with different numbers. The explanation is unknown.

4 (Early Series?)   More shapes!

Pieces with other shapes are also recorded incised 4. The explanation is unknown. All are unsigned but unquestionably from Premier Pottery. Perhaps some could be just mistakes?  Mistakes did happen - see here.

Small dimpled pot, wide mouth with collar, no flare.
Same shape as Early Series 401/3
Only one example recorded.

Plump vase, wavy flared lip
Same shape as Early Series 193 s
Several examples recorded, so very unlikely to be just a stray mistake.

Small plump bowl with wide mouth and flared lip.
Matches no known number.
Height; 8 cm. Width of mouth opening 10 cm. Unsigned.
Only one is reported, no picture. Pale green and cream, all-over high gloss.

4  (Early Series)    Round ashtray with animal.

Does this shape appear in other series?  No -  (none recorded).

It is not clear whether this number 4 represents a re-allocation of an Early Series number that had become disused, or is part of a separate little 'Animal' numbering series. It is one of a series of animal-decorated shapes that all feature a wide flaring foot becoming narrower upwards. See Early Series  5  ; 7 ; 9 ; 13 
Modelling of press-moulded animals attributed to John Castle-Harris

Diameter; 10 - 11 cm.

Nicholnack art in pottery

Collection; Caroline Askew
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Koalas; bases incised Remued  4 B
Graham Lancaster Auctions
Lizard; base incised  Remued  Z

Collection; Terry Cheetham
Shape is Early Series 193 s but base is incised 4.
Same shape, same size, but incised Remued 19s.
Un-numbered examples
Collectors Path Pottery, Ashwood Vic.
Kookaburras are extremely rare,
even rarer than the lizard.
4  (Early Series)    Two-cone vase with conic flare

Does this shape appear in other series?  No, not in other series, but an example is recorded elsewhere in the Early Series at Early Series 19s

Height; 12.5 - 13.5 cm
4  (Early Series: PPP)    Large flask

Does this shape appear in other series?  No  (none recorded)
There are un-numbered pieces of similar shape but with with a spiral handle.

Only one size is recorded but the use of the inch suffix 8 suggests that other sizes may have existed.

   Height; 20 - 21 cm

Incised 4/8, stamped PPP.
Collection; C.Z.
Un-numbered, base unmarked.
Spiral handle

Un-numbered, incised Remued.
Collection; Brent Philip
Incised 4/8