5  (Early Series)   Wide shallow dish, inward-tapering sides, with animal decoration.

Does this shape appear in other series?   No - (none recorded in image database).

Dimensions; diameter 20 cm, height to lip 4 cm.

It is not clear whether 5 is simply a re-allocation of an Early Series number that had become disused, or is part of a separate little 'Animal' numbering series. It is one of a series of animal-decorated shapes that all feature a wide flaring foot and become narrower upwards.
Others are Early Series  4 ; 7 ; 9 ; 13 

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Most of the few Remued pieces recorded with lizard decoration have the suffix 'Z' after their number but this piece is incised Remued 5B
Camberwell Antique Centre, Camberwell Vic.
Incised Remued 5B
5  (Early Series)   TWO SHAPES (?)
Only one shape is recorded with this number but there was almost certainly an earlier shape too. The numbering system was introduced during 1934. A low number such as 5 would have been allocated right at the start. Animal decoration of the type seen here, however, dates from 1935 or later. The animal models are attributed to John Castle-Harris who is believed to have been at Premier during 1935 - no earlier.
The 'missing' shape is probably PPP, discontinued in 1934. If you have an example we'd love to hear from you - contact us.
5 B
Collection; Berice Robb
Incised Remued 5 (no 'B')
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