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188 & 189  (Later Series)  Barrel vases, collar lip, Agate Ware.

Do these shapes appear in other series? No - (none in image database). There are, however, other vases of similar generic shape but different sizes. See Early Series 142, Later Series 45.

These numbers are rare. There are no examples in the image database.

Shape book 'B'
Agate Ware range, 185 - 193.
In shape book 'B', the page for numbers 185 & 186 is headed "Variegated Ware". The sketches indicate this style by scribbled shading. The same scribbled shading appears on each shape in the range 185 - 193. There are so far only a couple of examples in the image database, and they are indeed agate ware.

Same number,
different shape;
Early Series 189