Shape book 'B'

500  (Later Series)   Cylindrical pot with wide flared lip, ribbed at base.
Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes -  Early Series 30 s.  Another version, 21 cm tall, is recorded as Shape 'C' in the Alphabet Series with applied decoration of finches and kookaburras.

Height; 14 - 15 cm

This is one of a small group of 500 numbers that are not part of the 500 Series, but instead are associated with the Later Series.

In a Later Series shape book numbers 500-506 are interposed between Later Series 165 and 166 (it can be seen that this panel had already been numbered to take the 166 entry). The reason for these anomalous numbers is unknown. Examples often have twig-handles (common in the Early Series but rare elsewhere in the Later Series) and carry the number suffix 'H'.

500 H
Collection; remueddude
Collection;  Kerry E. Burke
Un-numbered. Glaze probably inspired by the success of Carlton Ware's 'Rouge Royale' which appeared in the early 1950s
(see also Later Series 501).

Collection;  Sharon Micenko