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501  (Later Series)   Vase with wide mouth and small flare

Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes  -  Early Series 110 is similar but larger.

Height;  15 cm.

501 H
Shape book 'B'

Un-numbered. Glaze probably inspired by the success of Carlton Ware's 'Rouge Royale' which appeared in the early 1950s (see also Later Series 500).


This is one of a small group of 500 numbers that are not part of the 500 Series but instead are associated with the Later Series. In a Later Series shape book numbers 500-506 are interposed between 165 and 166. The reason for this group of anomalous numbers is unknown. Most recorded examples have twig-handles (common in the Early Series but rare in the Later Series) and carry the number suffix 'H'.