55  (Later Series)     Round ashtray, & Holder.
Does this shape appear in other series?  Yes - Early Series 219 and 'A' Series A7.

The shape books also list a small item titled 'Holder'. There is no sketch and no numbered example of the holder is known. Does anybody have one? - please contact us!  (A likely example, un-numbered, is shown below)

Diameter of ashtray;  8.5 - 9 cm
Shape book 'B'

Cigarette holder

No numbered example of the holder is recorded. It is known only from these shape-book entries, which have no sketch. Book 'A' shows no separate number, book 'B' shows 55H.

Height; from shape book, about 4.5 - 5 cm.

Cigarette grooves in different configurations.
Un-numbered. Height; 4.5 cm.

The 55 ashtray is like the Early Series 219 ashtray, which too has a matching cigarette holder . The pieces pictured at right resemble the 219 holder but display typical Later Series glazes and a later-pattern sticker (no 'Australia'). It is therefore tempting to identify them as the elusive Later Series 55 'holder'.

Comparison; Later Series 55 (left) with Early Series 219.
55 has a solid rim.  219 (this example unmarked to the base) has a hollowed-out rim.

Holder un-numbered, ashtray incised 55.
Shape book 'A'